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About Us

Our Equipment

We use state-of-the-art DJI sUAS/Drones  are capable of all types of missions and flight conditions.  We work with each client to define the best equipment to meet your specific needs.  Photo and Video Capture and Editing Capabilities on Ground and in the Air.  Survey and Inspection ability with 3-D Mapping and Measuring abilities as well.

Our Pilots

FAA Certified and fully insured with hundreds of hours of flight time in all types of environments and conditions.  Safety and Satisfaction oriented and uniquely qualified to fly missions for you.  We also provide a variety of consulting and training programs as well, reach out for more details.

Why Us?

We are focused on your unique needs and will work to make sure that we understand your mission then deliver optimal results.  From helping Public Safety Agencies to build, implement and maintain successful Drone Programs to providing a vast array of professional, cost-effective and rapid turnaround services to Private Sector clients of all types. drone photography and video

A Whole New Perspective...

No matter your Aerial Photo or Video needs...we can help! 


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We are happy to discuss your specific needs with you. Please feel free to call, e-mail (Jim@IAIRA.org) or submit your request below.


P.O. Box 184, Mount Holly Springs, PA 17065-0184


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